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I grew up in Rego Park, New York in the Borough of Queens when our land line phone still had a 212 area code.  My father was an immigrant who came to the US as a young child and my mother grew up in Brooklyn.  Both survived the Depression eating potatoes for sustenance. Due to medical issues with her one and only pregnancy, I am and continue to be an only child.

I am not only an Old Broad but an Old Storyteller.  One beautiful part of getting older is that you have so many memories of experiences that you have had throughout the years and every day new ones.  Different hairdos, different hemlines, happy times and tragic times.  Joys and sadnesses.

This blog came out of from my experiences. My second grade teacher right before she and my mother passed away years ago asked my mother why I had never written my book.  Demands of my professional career, family and distractions have always been my excuse but social media, technology and my age (how did that happen?) have propelled me forward to share my stories and hopefully wisdom.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. I hope that this safe space will provide you with a forum for the wonders and challenges of being a Boomer.  I have reached the point in life that I welcome criticism and especially encouragement.  

Thank you so much for being part of my new journey. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. If you have questions, please send them.  If you have frustrations, please share them.  And if you choose to receive my newsletter in your digital mailbox please subscribe.

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